This Valentine’s Day, if you love your house, give it some love!

Ancestral, new, a few years old or older, bungalow, cottage, or commercial building; no building is immune to foundation problems.

Sometimes your home needs a little love. Unrepaired cracks, foundation crumbling or water infiltration can structurally damage your home in the short to medium term.

Several factors can explain the deterioration, premature or not, of your foundation: normal aging, freezing and thawing, poor concrete mix, ground sinking, drought, trees, soil capacity, groundwater, vibrations (trains, vehicles), etc.

In these cases, you have to act quickly. Ask the Héneault and Gosselin team for a diagnosis. Our team will come to your home to do a complete assessment and suggest the right solution (s) to correct the problem on the spot. Our project managers will prepare a detailed work proposal for all types of property in order to offer you a complete and above all an objective analysis of the situation.

We know that you have your home at ❤ and we want you and your family to fully appreciate the home you love so much without worrying!

Happy Valentine’s Day !

To request a diagnosis, get a quote, for a technical assessment or for information, call 1 800 363-1510 or visit our web site There you will find all the information on our services as well as being able to chat or text with one of our advisors.

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