Start the year on a good foundation.

Posted on 7 January 2022

2022 has finally arrived!  This year, put a self-inspection of your home’s foundation at the top of your to-do list so that you can start the year on a good foundation.

Start your self-inspection by looking in your basement. If you see signs of water infiltration or mould, your foundation likely has cracks that are allowing water to seep in. If possible, make sure to check for visible cracks that may be in the foundation walls or on the slab.

On the upper floors, check for cracks in the corner of the doors and windows. Moving outside, check for any cracks in the brick and mortar. If you have a garage, ensure that the door closes tightly with a gap-free seal.

If you have any doubts after your inspection, contact the experts at Héneault et Gosselin. Our team will be able to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the situation and we’ll advise you on the best solutions for your issue.

To request an inspection, diagnosis, or for more information, call us at 1-800-363-1510 or visit our web site to find all of the information you need regarding our services, our process, and our satisfaction guarantee.

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