Restore the rightful value of your property!

In today’s market, home values are only increasing. In fact, according to Desjardins, property values will increase by nearly 20 percent in 2021. Still, in order to sell, your house must be structurally perfect and the foundations must be in impeccable condi-tion. Indeed, foundation problems can also structurally damage the rest of your home (doors and windows can jam, plumbing can leak, cracks in the walls can appear, floors may not square).

In addition, if your home has problems with water infiltration, excessive humidity, (efflorescence), pyrite, or concrete crumbling, not only is it dangerous for your property but it’s also dangerous for your and your family’s health. This situation will drastically lower the value of your property.

Our goal at Héneault and Gosselin is to give your property back its full value. If you want to sell in the medium to short term, the foundation work will significantly increase the value of your property and give you peace of mind.

Indeed, a property with foundation problems loses a lot of value and is, at the same time, more difficult to sell. In addition, you will always have the threat of possible law-suits hanging over your head from buyers as a result of hidden defects among other things.

Request an inspection in order to restore the full value of your property. Héneault and Gosselin technicians will prepare a detailed building inspection for any type of property in order to provide you with a complete and objective analysis of the entire building. You will no doubt get a return on your investment. Learn more. >

To request an inspection, a diagnosis, to ask for a quote or for a technical evaluation or for information, call 1 800 363-1510 or visit our web site. There you will find all the information about our services as well as being able to chat or text with one of our advisors.

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