Privacy Policy

By communicating their personal information to Héneault et Gosselin, the client consents to the use of their information in the opening of the file, the preparation of bids, in being contacted by Héneault et Gosselin both in connection with the mandate requested by the client and for commercial and advertising purposes, and in the execution of the mandate entrusted by the client. The client also consents to the disclosure of their information by Héneault et Gosselin to third parties, contractors, subcontractors and professionals in connection with the mandate, including for the preparation of bids and for obtaining professional services. Héneault et Gosselin may use or disclose client information where permitted by law or where required by a court of competent jurisdiction. Héneault et Gosselin takes appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of the client’s personal information.

Manon Gosselin, CEO, is the individual responsible for the protection of personal information.
Contact: Email address, 514-522-0909, 236