Pre-construction Piles & Deep Foundations

Are you building on unstable soil? Need to build a project in a confined space? Héneault et Gosselin will install piles to start your project on a solid base.

Symptoms & causes

  • Insufficient bearing capacity for construction projects
  • Clay, organic or uncompacted fill material or in flood zones and on unstable embankments
  • Construction requiring specialized footings
  • Urban areas where strip footings are not feasible

Why do the work?

  • To build on land previously deemed unusable
  • To gain the full value of your property
  • To ensure the best resale value of your building


  • Installing pre-construction piles
  • Piles are driven using a new proven technique that avoids damage to the surrounding structures (no vibration, no risk of cracking to surrounding buildings)
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete footing, specially designed for the new structure

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Our work

Take a look at our seasoned professionals working to install pre-construction piles needed for a stable structure.

Workers getting prepared for machinery to vibrate the piles into the ground
Preparing for the concrete pouring
Piles with pile caps
Machinery vibrating the steel piles into the ground

Restore the rightful value of your property!