Isn’t life by the water enjoyable? Beware of global warming and rising water!

There Are Solutions to Prevent Flood Damage.

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Who doesn’t dream of a nice home by the water? People love to live near water, and it is proven that living near water has a positive effect on our morale. However, beyond benefits, there are other matters to think about. Have you considered freshet and flood risks? Due to global warming, the likelihood of flood has increased considerably over the decades.

Water damage can be severe and greatly deteriorate your home foundation – and even negatively affect your quality of life. Not sure how to tackle it? Héneault et Gosselin, experts in foundation repair, share information about the subject.

Global warming and rising water can affect your home

Experts and scientists have been telling us for some years that: water levels are rising higher and faster than first anticipated. This also applies to the St. Lawrence River shores. During storms and torrential rain, damage is even greater.

Many municipalities have allowed residential construction in flood zones because of the high demand for waterfront housing. Unfortunately, sooner or later, owners’ nightmares come true for those who live by the water.

Héneault et Gosselin can move or relocate buildings, or build waterproof foundations to prevent water infiltration in your home’s basement. Depending on the situation, the company will adapt its methods and services whether they are lifting, moving or protecting a building.

Did you know? Héneault et Gosselin has relocated many buildings in Gaspésie and Côte-Nord in safe zones. Buildings are lifted above flood lines and a crawl space is created in place of a basement to keep the house dry.

When in doubt, Héneault et Gosselin is there for you!

The situation may seem difficult, but with experts such as Héneault et Gosselin, looking after your foundation, there can be a realistic solution.

They offer services to prevent cracks or water infiltration, waterproof foundations, protect them against frost, or stabilize with pilings. You won’t find better professionals!

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