Foundations that crack are not a gift!

Posted on 17 December 2021

Christmas is upon us in just a few days. It’s time for gatherings and celebrations. Your home may host some guests and you may make more use of your basement. If you discover any cracks in your walls, slab or basement, these are not welcome gifts. But don’t panic, assess the situation first.

First, if the cracks exceed 3 millimetres, it might be wise to contact the experts at Héneault and Gosselin after the holiday season. They will be able to do an assessment and advise you on the best solutions to resolve the situation.

Secondly, if you also notice that your doors and windows get stuck, or you have evenly spaced cracks in the bricks or your window and door frames are misaligned, then it’s almost certain that you have a problem.

Several factors can explain cracks in your foundation. Among the most common are freezing and thawing, subsidence of the soil (with clay soils in particular) and the natural aging of the house. We’re here to help you through it all.

Wishing you a happy holiday season, without any foundation problems. In the event that you do receive this unwelcome gift, please note that we will be closed from December 17th at noon but back and ready to help at 7:30am on January 3rd.

To request an inspection or a diagnosis, to get a quote or to simply find more information, call 1 800 363-1510 or visit our web site. There you will find all of the information on our services, our way of doing things, and our guarantee.

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