Waterproofing, drainage of the foundations

Is water seeping into your home? Is there mould? HG Foundation Repair will install a barrier and correct the drainage.

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Symptoms & causes

  • Collapsed or blocked French drain (weeping tiles)
  • Standing water in the basement
  • Damp foundation walls
  • Efflorescence on the concrete (white powdery/hairy buildup)
  • Water seeping in around the basement slab or pooling in low points of the basement
  • Basement flooding during spring thaws and large rainstorms
  • Health issues like allergies or breathing difficulties due to mould and high humidity in basement

Why do the work?

  • Protect you from the harmful effects of aerial fungal spores
  • Bring your building up to code
  • Keep water away from the foundations, prolonging their life Provide a dry home
  • Prevent further damage due to the existing nondraining soil around the foundations
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Restore the value of your property


  • Excavate the non-draining soil
  • Repair any damage found while we excavate and evaluate the foundations.
  • Replace and install new weeping tiles (French drain)
  • Install new service ports on the weeping tiles for future non-destructive investigations and cleaning
  • Install a new interior catch basin to allow for an easy connection to the city drains
  • Install a premium membrane (water barrier) or insulation on your foundations.
  • Backfill with new clean draining fill material that will help to keep your foundations dry for years to come.
  • Site grading (management of surface water), allowing surface water to run away from your home.

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Our work

Take a look at our seasoned professionals using techniques and materials to prevent water from penetrating the property.

A worker applying waterproofing membrane
A brand new foundation showcasing the waterproofing membrane and proper drainage
A worker applying waterproofing membrane
A worker applying waterproofing membrane
Steps of backfilling

Restore the rightful value of your property!