Don’t get caught with a flooded basement this spring.

The good weather is slowly returning, and milder temperatures are on the horizon. Spring is a time of renewal and optimism. However, there are some things concerning your home to which you should pay close attention – your home’s foundation. In fact, with the return of warm weather, the ice and snow melt and can cause serious problems for your foundation.

If you notice water on the slab or on the floor, whitish crystals (efflorescence) on the concrete walls, mold, dark circles, or seeps on the slab and on the walls of your basement, you probably have water infiltration caused by ineffective or no drainage or caused by visible cracks or micro-cracks.

All of this can structurally damage your home, cause it to lose value and could be harmful to you and your family’s health. In fact, molds, these small microcosmic fungi, feed on the moisture and can quickly spread on many materials including wood, cardboard, carpets, and paper. These molds generate spores which circulate in the air and can affect your health.

To correct these problems, it is advisable to do business with professionals to solve the problem definitively. Héneault and Gosselin will install a waterproofing membrane, correct the drainage, and repair the French drain, if necessary, to ensure your basement stays dry. And since trust is the very foundation of our business, we are offering you a transferable warranty on all the work we will do on your home.

Learn more about our drainage and waterproofing services here.

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