A heritage home, saved from demolition!

Posted on 13 December 2022

This beautiful Queen-Ann style heritage home in Rivière-du-Loup was saved from demolition thanks to the expert teams at Héneault et Gosselin inc.

Click here to read TVA’s news coverage or here to listen to the interview with Manon Gosselin.


Whether we’re going a few meters or a few kilometers, we transport buildings with the utmost of attention to detail and surgical precision.

Transportation is possible for just about any type of building, depending on your needs. These include: a single-family home, cottage, ancestral and heritage house, commercial building, garage, etc. We can even include the basement!

There are several factors to consider when accessing your project (land, access road, the presence of power lines, etc.), however, each problem usually lends to a solution to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

To request an inspection or a diagnosis, to get a quote or to simply find more information, call 1 800 363-1510 or visit our web site. There you will find all of the information on our services, our way of doing things, and our guarantee.

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